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June Garden Tips

June is a great season for gardeners, and though much of the early season planting is already finished by June 1, there is much more care a garden needs throughout the month to have the best results for top produce, pungent herbs, and the most beautiful blooms.

Purina® Equine Videos

Purina - Hold Your Horses

We test our ingredients and make fine adjustments in our formulations to account for natural variance in nutrition.

Purina - Feed Greatness

Purina - Feed Greatness

Caring for your Senior Horse: Head and Mouth

Dr. Chris Blevins, DVM, of Kansas State University Veterinary Medical and Teaching Hospital illustrates how to examine the head and mouth of a senior horse to determine their overall health.

Purina® SuperSport™ Supplement -- Proven, Faster Recovery

We're excited to introduce SuperSport™ amino acid supplement — proven to speed recovery* and help horses be ready for what's next.

How to Estimate Your Horse's Weight

Purina®'s Dr. Karen Davison describes how to use Purina® Weight Tape to get an accurate weight of your horse.

Certified Purina Dealer

Purina Certified Dealer

Cover Your Dreams

Cover Your Dreams

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25% Off Muck Boots

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Muck boots are 25% off, Mens, Womens, and Kids! Life isn't always comfortable but your boots should be. Not valid with any other discounts or sales.
Valid: 06/01/2016 - 06/30/2016
Offered By: R & J Feed Supply