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The traditional nylon feel many ropers have come to love, with the full body and longevity typically only found in blends.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch
  • Model Number: RHFO

Ideal for safe feeding of round bales to horses. Open-top A-frame is 8′ in diameter. Round 1-3/4″ tubing for extra-strength. Open top helps minimize hay waste while feeding. Loop legs that prevent sinking into the ground. Stands 50″ high. Available in our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch
  • Model Number: 29074

Provide your livestock with a reliable water source by using this TARTER® 300-gallon galvanized stock tank. Oval in shape, this tank is 3 Ft x 2 Ft x 8 Ft in size. Coated with heavy duty zinc, the water tank is corrosion resistant and can stand up to the extreme elements.

1-10 HP Concentrate System Refills are insecticide refills for 55- gallon automatic spray systems. Developed over 40 years ago using the highest quality pyrethroids, HP is a premium formulation that has set the bar for effective automatic flying insect control in horse barns. It provides both quick knockdown and effective control against a broad range of harmful biting insects that include: Horn Flies, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, Midges, Mosquitoes and more.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

Ideal for light-to-medium confinement of livestock in round pens and working areas. 1-3/4″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing. Superior continuous-welded saddle joints. Stands 62” high with vertical “Z” braces. Custom loop legs prevent sinking. Quick-pin latch system makes for easy hookup. Easy hook up to our Walk-Thru Arch Gate. Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

Roundup PowerMAX is a Roundup agricultural herbicide formulation that offers powerful, consistent weed control. Its enhanced consistency of control has been proven on hard-to-control weeds such as velvetleaf, lambsquarters, purslane, kochia and morning glory.

To prevent growth of weeds - use on fencerows, around farm building and barns. Also use on roadsides, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, vacant lots and warehouse areas. To prevent growth of weeds under asphalt driveways, play areas, tennis courts and parking areas, apply this product before laying surfacing materials. Not for agricultural use.

  • Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

Pennington® Wingmaster® Game Bird Mix makes an excellent supplemental food planting of seed producing plants and can greatly enhance food and habitat for game birds.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Gate
  • Model Number: RHF

Ideal for safe feeding of round bales to horses. Open-top A-frame is 8′ in diameter. Round 1-3/4″ tubing for extra-strength. Open top helps minimize hay waste while feeding. Loop legs that prevent sinking into the ground. Available with 17″ hay-saver panel. Stands 50″ high. Available in our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch

Useful between pastures and outside sheds for calf only feeding. Designed with an adjustable horizontal bar for calf passage only. Ideal for small or large herd. Stands 50″ tall. Constructed of 2″ round tubular steel. Calf openings are 18″ apart. Available in 10′-12′ lengths. 10′ panels has 6 openings and the 12′ 7 openings. Features our superior E-Coat red finish to ensure longer life in the field.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch

This 650-lb. capacity Creep Feeder allows for the continuous free flow of feed. The new front and rear wire mesh design prevents small animals from stepping or climbing into the feeder. A feed control band is standard on all units and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of food.

  • Manufacturer: OK Brand Wire

OK Brand Welded Fence Panels are manufactured in a wide variety of horizontal spacing configurations. They are built to handle the roughest ranching conditions, but are versatile enough to be used for lawn and garden projects.

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: JDHHGF

Ideal for feeding grain and hay to horses. Handles large animals and large volumes of feed easily.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch

Ideal for feeding goats and small animals. Cannot be pushed around or turned over. V-bottom and overhead guard prevents goats from standing in feeder.

  • SKU: 5301234
  • Model Number: MH-60-3PT-W

60 gallon corrosion resistant polyethylene tank. Durable 3-point carrier frame. Roller pump system. Pressure adjustment and easy reach off-on boom control.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision

These Sinking De-icers operate at the bottom of the tank where they are less likely to be disturbed by livestock. Thermostatic control coupled with thermal feedback protects the unit from overheating, while positioning the thermostat above the heating element ensures safety in low-water conditions. Each unit comes complete with a galvanized wire guard for use in plastic tanks.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Individually wrapped bars can be broken into 2 oz mini-bars for multiple placements.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

Ideal for tilling soil to create game plots and gardens. Attaches to ATV’s, UTV’s, and small tractors. Combines deep cutting of the eight-blade tillage disc with soil preparation and compaction of the adjustable culti-packer. Easily raise and lower culti-packer with heavy-duty front mounted winch.

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet

Q MIST by Country Vet gives you fully automatic control of flies, mosquitoes and moths for 30 days. Set it once and forget it for a full 30 days.

  • Manufacturer: Agrilabs

The first-of-its-kind delivery system, the VetGun™ provides a precise dosing with the pull of a trigger. The topical insecticide, AiM-L™, can be applied from as far away as 30 feet with no handling or stress for you or your cattle. You can give your cattle a break by eliminating the need to run cattle through a chute when treatment is needed, and it does not require additional labor or special handling facilities. It's more efficient, plan and simple.

  • Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

Perfect for cultivating and aerating the soil for gardens, food plots, and other tillage needs. Available in 4′, 5′, 6′, and 7′ sizes. Easily switch between forward or reverse rotation. Units work efficiently on 25-50 HP tractors (depending on tiller size).

  • Model Number: 001ODAWAY

Odaway is especially effective when dispensed by way of automatic misting system because it encapsulates and neutralizes odors instead of just masking them, leaves premises with a fresh clean smell.  Perfect for eliminating unwanted barn odors.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: 7521

This De-icer is designed to float in the water tank and is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off. The Styrofoam float is completely enclosed within a rugged plastic housing. The cord exits from the top of the unit. This gives the heater added stability and it is less likely to tip the tank. Patented.