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You can purchase Middendorf Farms fresh farm to table pork at R & J Feed & Supply. We have it in stock all the time!

  • Bacon- $9.00 per pack
  • Hot/Mild Sausage- $6.00 per/Chub
  • Maple & Brown Sugar Sausage- $7.00 per/Chub
  • Brats- $9.50 per pack

Take back your outdoor space with the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator. Deploy Spartan Mosquito Eradicators as soon as the weather begins to warm to create a barrier to “catch” hunting mosquitoes by emitting the same attractant triggers that draw mosquitoes to people and animals. Once mosquitoes feed on the water solution, they die before they can breed again.

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is a uniquely effective, long-lasting, continuous mosquito control system. The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator also doesn’t require batteries or electricity, just water! The mosquito population will suffer dramatically in the first 15 days and will be 95% controlled for up to 90 days.

Help protect yourself from mosquito bites. Invest in Spartan Mosquito Eradicators and take back your outdoors the Spartan way!

See Spartan Mosquito Site Here

  • Manufacturer: Breyer Horses | Reeves International

Issued to celebrate Breyer Animal Creations' Anniversary. The horse model that started it all! It made horse lovers contact the Breyer Molding Company in 1950 to find out if they made other model horses. It was the model horse that made the Breyer Molding Company embrace a new destiny as Breyer Animal Creations.

Formulated to control heavy flea infestations. Kills bugs where they live. Kills fleas, ticks, ants, flies, lice, & other listed insects. Dry fog. Non-staining. No mess. No odor. 3 cans treats up to 9,000 cu. ft. for fleas and up to 18,000 cu.ft for ticks.

  • Manufacturer: Breyer Horses | Reeves International

The smell of pine is carried on the cool winter's breeze, and a faint jingling can be heard coming from the woods. Who is that approaching? It's Woodland Splendor, Breyer's 2016 Holiday Horse! Bedecked in nature's splendor, he'll carry the beauty of the season into your home. Decorated to enjoy the weather outdoors, he wears a festive plaid blanket made with the colors of the holiday season. His friends in the woods have added their flair to his attire with feathers, pine cones, and lovely golden beading and trim. This collectible masterpiece is hand painted, and features ""Happy Holidays 2016"" printed on his belly. Approx. 13"L x 8"H.

Harris Bedbug Killer 32 oz. kills bedbugs and lice and comes with a trigger spray for easy application. We recommend using this product in combination with our bed bug aerosol egg kill on mattresses, box springs, walls, floors and carpets and following up with diatomaceous earth bed bug powder behind electrical outlets around around switches where bed bugs tend to congregate. The odorless, non-staining formula kills bed bugs after the spray dries. 32 oz.

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: 46394

Children appreciate a hard-working machine that can perform a multitude of tasks, and that's just what they get with this plastic pedal tractor. The platform features an adjustable seat and easy-to-reach pedals, and the steering wheel is fully-operational. By Tomy® Manufacturing.

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: LP53292

Bruder 16th Scale Gator XUV 855D has cabin windows made of transparent and unbreakable plastic. Tilting loading platform and opening lift gate. Draw bar coupling and Kingpin steering. Adapter in front bumper for accessories, such as a cable winch and profiled tires.

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: TBEK35016

Heavy Duty 16" Bicycle by John Deere. Front shock, removable training wheels, rear coaster brake and front hand brake. Measures 36.5" long x 18.5" high x 8" wide; 32.32 lbs 

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: TBEK35645 TBEK35855

This John Deere 16” Bike is pink and white with genuine John Deere graphics. It has removable training wheels, green and yellow tassels & hand grips. Also available in 12".

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: TBEK34938 TBEK35016

Boy's 12" Green Bicycle. Heavy-duty steel frame, carry rack and adjustable training wheels. Also available in 16".

Made in individual, hand crafted batches, our jellies are an art form of their own. A "MUST" over cream cheese with crackers!

This jelly gift pack comes with our most popular two preserves. Year after year customers proclaim these to be some of their favorite flavors! 1 jar Peach & 1 jar Strawberry.

  • Manufacturer: John Deere

Back by popular demand! Constructed of heavy-duty rust-resistant steel, NEW Stable Steer steering for easy maneuverability, and wide pneumatic rubber tires. The high stake sections are securely fastened to the wagon. All edges and corners are rounded for safety. Some assembly required.

  • Manufacturer: Breyer Horses | Reeves International
  • Model Number: 302

The deluxe barn fits up to two Traditional Series horses. Includes two stalls with mats and built-in feed bins, sliding doors, hay loft, saddle and bridle rack and cross tie area. Made of natural wood. Assembled barn measures 30.5"L x 21"H x 18.5"D. (Assembly required). Note: Horses and accessories not included.

The Roma Tomato Strainer separates seeds and skins from soft fruits and vegetables. This strainer is your best friend for home canning and pasta making. Use it to make apple sauce, tomato purees, fresh juices, salsa, baby food, jam, and more. Endorsed by food writer Michael Ruhlman as an "excellent food strainer and sauce maker."

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet Brand | Zep, Inc.

Q MIST by Country Vet gives you fully automatic control of flies, mosquitoes and moths for 30 days. Set it once and forget it for a full 30 days.

  • Manufacturer: Ball Corporation Packaging Solutions
  • Model Number: 617627

2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the development of a series of jars, designed by the Ball brothers, each intended to be better than the one before. 1913 saw the launch of the first true “Perfect Mason” jar followed in 1914 by the “PERFECTION”. 2014 marks the second year of a multi-year limited edition series with the introduction of the Spring Green Jar. These vintage-inspired green jars maintain all of our modern standards for quality and reliability. Perfect for all of your home canning needs...or as a collectible item!

  • Manufacturer: LubriSyn

LubriSynHA (formerly LubriSynHU) is your daily source of hyaluronan - the naturally-occurring fluid that cushions your joints. Our new 11.5oz. bottle is convenient sized for a 30-day supply of LubriSynHA and is now 20% stronger formulation.

Certified Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and 5% acidity. Contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is made from delicious, healthy, organically grown apples.

  • Manufacturer: Breyer Horses | Reeves International
  • Model Number: W700116

In the tradition of the stunning Saddlebred horses seen in presitgious parades, Holiday on Parade is a beautifully decorated parade horse! He sports a brocade saddle pad, breast collar and saddle, all with delicate gold trim. Large conchos, glittering turquoise stones, and ribbons adorn his elegant tack.

  • Manufacturer: Ball Corporation Packaging Solutions

Celebrate American tradition with the new, limited-edition Ball® Heritage Collection pint jars. Marking the 100th anniversary of the first true “Perfect Mason” jar, these unique jars feature period-inspired blue color, custom-embossed logos on front and back, and vintage-inspired packaging while maintaining all standards of quality and reliability that modern-day canning requires. Perfect for all of your home-canning needs…or as a collector’s item!

  • Model Number: 354

Tonka steel is the classic of all time! Tilting dump bed. Giant wheels make even the most rugged sites accessible! Great fun, indoors or out. Guaranteed for life! Come it to see our full line of Tonka Toys.

  • Manufacturer: Breyer Horses | Reeves International

New deluxe barn fits up to three traditional size horses. Includes two stalls with mats and built-in feed bins, sliding doors, saddle and bridle rack and cross tie area. Made of natural wood.